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Home electricity monitoring with Powershop

Powershop is partnering with our team and using our Blinkmeter to bring live data to their customers helping them to understand their electricity usage.

Powershop is the world’s first online energy store. They’re committed to offering their customers choice, control and knowledge over how they buy and use their electricity.  After just over three years they have a number of accolades, winner of the Deloitte’s Fast 50 in 2011 and the highest customer satisfaction rating in the electricity industry three years running.  We’ve joined up with Powershop to bring their customers an even greater understanding of their electricity usage.

What does Blinkmeter add to your usage data already provided through Powershop?

  • Unless you have a smart meter (and not all of them provide daily data) it’s hard to get daily usage information. The Blinkmeter allows you to easily monitor and understand your daily usage.
  • Up to date usage information allows Blinkmeter users to understand where their electricity  is going.
  • Live data of your usage allows you to turn appliances on or off and see how that affects your overall usage, you can answer questions like what it costs to have your TV on standby rather than turning it off at the wall.
Powershop customers who install a Blinkmeter will have the ability to display live feeds of their electricity usage within their Powershop account.