Inspiring solutions

Forgen street lighting case study

Forgen Renewables is a technology leader in the manufacture of micro scale vertical axis wind turbines and wind/solar street lighting. Street lighting solutions are a relatively new product line for the company. Strong interest is being shown for deployment to car parks where its often expensive to provide power or where there is a drive to reduce carbon emissions.

Forgen approached our team with a challenge. Their engineers had built a comprehensive set of system performance parameters into their innovative hybrid solar/wind charge controller, information that was going to be key to optimising battery life. However, they needed to send an engineer out to the field (often in far-flung parts of the UK) in order to gather that data. Forgen want to be able to read the data remotely, in realtime, in a way that was cost-effective enough to provide as an option on every street light they sold.

Our team rapidly developed a fully functional, reliable and cost-effective “data as a service” solution consisting of:

  • A Blinkmeter radio data logger in each street light
  • A Blinkhub radio gateway at each site providing Internet connectivity
  • A dedicated online data query engine providing for sophisticated analysis

Expensive engineer site visits are now avoided and battery performance of Forgen LED street lights in now better than ever!