Inspiring solutions

Simtricity, connected solar generation meters

The Simtricity solution (coming soon!) is a connected solar generation meter product for solar scheme managers and solar installers with engaging tenant and homeowner applications and services.

The Simtricity generation meter is an Ofgem approved PV generation meter from Em-lite. One of the smallest units on the market it includes optical or pulsed electronic outputs for further system integration.

The Simtricity low power radio gateway comes pre-installed with the generation meter and provides robust real-time internet connectivity using both Wifi and wide area mesh radio, enabled by our Blinkhub technology. Use the web dashboard to view generation, import and export stats in realtime

The Simtricity roof manager is a web service for solar scheme managers and solar installers to quickly and easily identify under-performing and failing microgeneration across a wider scheme.

With the Simtricity solution, Clean Energy Prospector is providing the first complete automated solar metering reading solution that meets the needs of solar scheme managers, solar installers and homeowners.