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Bristol Solar City launch

Bristol’s BIG Green Week is a festival of eco-ideas, art and entertainment, taking place over nine days from 15th to the 23rd June. The festival is expected to attract more than 40,000 visitors.  As part of the official festival programme, Bristol Solar City will be running a three day, solar-focused, programme of events in the Solar Pavillion. The pavilion will include a solar powered stage for talks and music, as well as exhibition and workshop space.

Our team has event space in the Solar Pavillion so do come down and talk to us!  To check out the full programme of activities planned, head here.

Forgen street lighting case study

Forgen Renewables is a technology leader in the manufacture of micro scale vertical axis wind turbines and wind/solar street lighting. Street lighting solutions are a relatively new product line for the company. Strong interest is being shown for deployment to car parks where its often expensive to provide power or where there is a drive to reduce carbon emissions.

Forgen approached our team with a challenge. Their engineers had built a comprehensive set of system performance parameters into their innovative hybrid solar/wind charge controller, information that was going to be key to optimising battery life. However, they needed to send an engineer out to the field (often in far-flung parts of the UK) in order to gather that data. Forgen want to be able to read the data remotely, in realtime, in a way that was cost-effective enough to provide as an option on every street light they sold.

Our team rapidly developed a fully functional, reliable and cost-effective “data as a service” solution consisting of:

  • A Blinkmeter radio data logger in each street light
  • A Blinkhub radio gateway at each site providing Internet connectivity
  • A dedicated online data query engine providing for sophisticated analysis

Expensive engineer site visits are now avoided and battery performance of Forgen LED street lights in now better than ever!

Street lighting with Forgen

Realtime street light monitoring

Forgen Renewables is a technology leader in the manufacture of micro scale vertical axis wind turbines and hybrid wind/solar street lighting. Our low power radio platform adds Internet connectivity to Forgen’s street lights enabling remote, realtime performance monitoring

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The Skyprospector Trial

Maximise local use of solar

The Skyprospector trial is a UK government funded study in Bristol to quantify the savings from “microgeneration aware” energy efficiency measures. Skyprospector analyses high-resolution data from electricity, gas and temperature monitors providing tailored retrofit advice in solar homes

Visit the trial site

Skyprospector project funded by the TSB

We are pleased to announce that our Skyprospector system is one of the winning projects in the smart power distribution and demand competition from the UK’s Technology Strategy Board.

By matching microgeneration of electricity with on-site use, customers pay less.

Microgeneration is the use of solar PV panels, wind turbines, and micro Combined Heat and Power (micro CHP) to generate electricity. Homes are credited by electricity companies for microgeneration but these credits (the Export Tariff, part of the Feed In Tariff) are a lot less than the price of electricity. Skyprospector analyses consumption patterns to help customers with microgeneration save this difference.

  1. For sites without microgeneration, Skypropector shows how much microgeneration can be used efficiently on-site.
  2. For sites with microgeneration, Skyprospector shows how to maximize the use of generated electricity on-site.

A further benefit of this project is expected to be a shift of electricity use away from peak times. This will reduce the capacity required by the national grid and allow for cleaner electricity generation; i.e. less coal is required to meet peak demand.


About Skyprospector

Skyprospector is a service that enables electricity customers to determine the mix of microgeneration and dynamic demand shifting technologies that provides the best return on investment for their site. The Skyprospector service collects data from electricity meters, microgenerators, and heating and cooling devices such as fridges and hot water cylinders. From this data, our scenario analysis tool predicts cost saving potential. Then, with demand management tools, these savings can be automatically realised.