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Damon Rand. Co-founder and head of product development, Damon is a visionary engineer with an entrepreneurial background. A proponent of lean startup principles he has worked as a developer and technology consultant for the Electricity Corporation of New Zealand, Natwest Bank, Microsoft Europe and Amnesty International. He is passionate about the potential for technology to benefit our environment.

Dr. Robbie Mouat. Co-founder and head of technology, with a PhD in mathematics from the University of Washington, Robbie brings strong analytical and problem solving skills to the team. He worked at Microsoft for four years and Markit, a global financial data company, where he was a senior developer working on data gathering, analysis and reporting systems.



Jill Burnett. Jill runs a portfolio of business development and advisory board roles for technology SMEs and start-ups in the Bristol and Bath city region. Jill is a mentor for SETsquared Bristol & Bath, an innovation coach on the Growth Accelerator Program and a visiting researcher at the Bristol Business School. She also works as a Senior Knowledge Exchange Advisor for the University of the West of England where she has run student & graduate enterprise, business incubation and various strategic bids and projects.

Huw Robson. Huw is a Regional Design Advisor working for The Design Programmme, advising and mentoring technology and engineering businesses across SW England on how to improve their performance and products or services, including design for sustainability. Previously Huw worked for 17 years at Hewlett Packard’s Corporate Research Laboratories as Director of Research for Pervasive Computing, Media Technologies and Digital Media. He is also an Associate with Forum for the Future, the UK’s leading non-profit working globally with business and government to create a sustainable future and a visiting Professor at the University of the West of England.


Project management

Lisa Muller. Lisa has a PhD in Mathematics and Statistics from University of Durham. Since graduating she has worked in project management, evaluation and monitoring for organisations including Sustrans and Ecomotive. Lisa keeps the show on the road and the team focused on delivering great products!



Ewen Fraser. Ewen has worked as an electronics engineer since 1985 delivering robust embedded solutions for companies such as WhisperGen and Dynamic Controls. Ewen is an expert in low power consumption engineering and designed our Blinkmeter energy monitor.

Vojislav Bandobranski. Vojislav is a master circuit board designer turning rough developer prototypes into finished products. Before he joined our team he developed systems for wirelessly tracking the location of cars and monitoring temperature in grain silos.

Marcus Valentine. Marcus is our radio engineer specialising in radio and antenna design, testing and optimisation. Most recently he has worked with NXP on power amplifier linearisation.



Chris Hatch. Chris is our master web developer and is presently extending our Simtricity smart meter data platform. His specialisms are Java and Android development.

Julian Davison. With 20+ years experience working with embedded systems Julian is dedicated to making our Blinkhub hardware as reliable as a toaster. Julian develops our centralised firmware upgrade system.

Mahesh Sutariya. Mahesh is an embedded systems engineer specialising in wireless sensor networks. Mahesh develops our Blinkhub radio gateway firmware.