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The Simtricity solution (coming soon!) is a connected solar generation meter product for solar scheme managers and solar installers with engaging tenant and homeowner applications and services. The Simtricity generation meter is an Ofgem approved PV generation meter from Em-lite. One of the smallest units on the market it includes optical or pulsed electronic outputs for further […]

Forgen Renewables is a technology leader in the manufacture of micro scale vertical axis wind turbines and wind/solar street lighting. Street lighting solutions are a relatively new product line for the company. Strong interest is being shown for deployment to car parks where its often expensive to provide power or where there is a drive […]

We are pleased to announce that our Skyprospector system is one of the winning projects in the smart power distribution and demand competition from the UK’s Technology Strategy Board. By matching microgeneration of electricity with on-site use, customers pay less. Microgeneration is the use of solar PV panels, wind turbines, and micro Combined Heat and Power (micro CHP) to […]

The Blinkhub radio gateway provides a simple, flexible gateway between physical sensors in your network and applications on the Internet. Pluggable radio modules enable Blinkhub to communicate with a wide variety of devices, using several different radio standards. Blinkhub is being used for home electricity monitoring with Powershop and street light monitoring with Forgen Renewables.

Powershop is partnering with our team and using our Blinkmeter to bring live data to their customers helping them to understand their electricity usage. Powershop is the world’s first online energy store. They’re committed to offering their customers choice, control and knowledge over how they buy and use their electricity.  After just over three years they […]